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34in to 38in SmallHorse



Unique, loveable, full of character and a delight to own…….

The Miniature and Small Horse is a unique breed and is not to be confused with a Miniature Pony or Shetland Pony.

Upon maturity the Miniature Horse must not exceed 34 inches, 8.2 hands or 86 cm in height. If the Miniature Horse exceeds this height it is then placed in another category which is known as
Small Horse, these horses must not exceed 38inches, 9.2 hands or 96.50 cm, please refer to our Breed Standard for more information.


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In Australia, Miniature and Small Horses are the fastest growing breed as their size, temperament and character endears them to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Children are naturally attracted to them, people with small acreage are able to support and breed them therefore creating their own mini stud. Former horse owners can continue their love affair with horses, feeling less challenged by the burden of caring for a larger equine.
Miniature and Small Horses are shown in halter, harness classes and performance events including trail and jumping, many are simply kept as pets.
People returning home from stressful jobs find companionship and relaxation in these gentle little horses and they provide the perfect cure to loneliness.

Would you like to know more about this incredible breed please visit our contact page to have your questions answered by one of our Committee persons.

Events & Announcements

Dates and venue for 2024 National Show on National Show Page.


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