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State Show 4 February, 2024  Mt Pleasant SA.


Standard of Excellence



A small, sound, well balanced horse, possessing the conformation characteristics desirable of most breeds. In fact, if there were no size reference, the miniature horse might give the illusion of being a full-sized horse. A miniature horse should show refinement and femininity in the mare, and boldness and masculinity in the stallion, at the same time, displaying an impeccable temperament.

The general impression should be one of refinement, symmetry, agility and an alert intelligence. Since the breed objective is the smallest possible perfect horse first preference in judging shall be given to the smaller horse for its age, when other characteristics are approximately equal.


There shall be Miniature and Small Horses:

MINIATURE HORSE height requirements are:

(i) Horses up to but not including 6 months of age shall not exceed 28” in height.
(ii) Horses 6 months up to and not including 12 months shall not exceed 30” in height.
(iii) Horses 12 months up to and not including 24 months of age shall 32” in height.
(iv) Horses 24 months up to and not including 36 months of age shall 33” in height.
(v) Horses 36 months and over shall not exceed 34” in height.

SMALL HORSE height requirements are:

(i) Horses up to but not including 12 months of age shall not exceed 34” in height.
(ii) Horses 12 months up to and not including 24 months of age shall 36” in height.
(iii) Horses 24 months up to and not including 36 months of age shall not exceed 37” in height.
(iv) Horses 36 months and over shall not exceed 38” in height.

In proportion to length of neck and body, broad forehead with large expressive eyes
set well apart, comparatively a short distance between eyes and muzzle, profile straight or slightly concave below eyes, large nostrils and a clean refined muzzle.

An even bite is necessary, with no more than 3mm out.
Overshot or parrot mouth is a disqualification.

Medium sized, pointed and alert, tips curving slightly inward.

Clean and well defined, allowing ample flexion at the poll.

Flexible and lengthy in proportion to body and style, blending smoothly into withers.

Long, sloping and well angulated, allowing a free swinging stride and alert head/neck
carriage, well muscled forearm.

Well muscled with ample bone and substance, without being heavy, balanced and
well proportioned, short back and loins in relation to length of underline, smooth
and generally level top line, proportionate depth of girth and flank, trim barrel.

Long, well muscled hip, thigh and gaskin, highest point of croup to be same height as
withers, tail set neither excessively high or low, but smoothly rounding of rump.

Lengthy and slender in proportion to the rest of the body, set straight and parallel
when viewed from front and back, straight true and squarely set when viewed from the side with hooves pointing directly ahead, pasterns sloping approximately 45 degreesand blending smoothly with no change of angle from hooves to the ground, hooves to be round and compact, trimmed suitably but not excessively for an unshod horse.

Smooth and fluid gait in motion, naturally free moving.

Any colour or marking pattern is acceptable, any eye colour is allowed, the coat should be lustrous and silky.

Good temperament is of the utmost importance - curious, alert, intelligent and friendly, poor or vicious temperament is considered a fault.
(Breed standard adopted 9/6/I990)



Q.        I have purchased a horse which is not registered with MHAA can I register it.

A.        Yes, provided it is Two years or over and meets the height requirement. You will also need a                          Certificate of Soundness for Male horses


Q.        I bred a foal and did not lodge a stallion return can I register the foal.

A.        Yes, you will need to DNA Stallion, Mare and foal to parent Qualify or you can wait until the foal is                  two years old and you can register with unknown parents.


Q.        I have a horse registered with AMPS can I register it with MHAA?

A.         Yes, provided you send in a copy of the AMPS papers with the application.


Q.        I have a mare that is registered with MHAA and has just foaled can I register the foal with my                        prefix.

A.         Yes, if you are the registered owner of the mare, if not the foal will need to be registered in the                      mares registered owners' prefix, provided a stallion return for the mating was lodged.


Q.         I registered my foal with a brand but would like to microchip as well can I do this.

A.          Yes, you can, you will need to send in the original certificate along with the microchip number,                     there will be no charge if the foal is under twelve months.


Q.         I have bred with my 2-year-old colt but have not upgraded him or got a Certificate of Soundness.                 Will I be able to register the foal?

A.          When you have upgraded the colt with the COS (Certificate of Soundness) you can register the                   foal provided you have lodged a stallion return for the mating.
             However, you will not be able to show the colt until he is upgraded.


Q.          How do I DNA and where do I get the paperwork.

A.           You will need to send a work order along with the correct fee and microchip form which you can                    DOWNLOAD from the website.  You will need a DNA kit for each horse WHICH you wish to DNA.                On receipt of the kits, you will need to pull hair from the BASE OF THE MANE INCLUDING THE                  ROOT BULB and attach to the card supplied with the kit.  fill out the slip and stick to the hair TO                    THE card. You then send off to the lab in the envelope supplied. Results will be sent to you when                  completed.

Q.          I've lost my paperwork can I get another copy.

A.           Yes, you will need to process a work order and a written and signed letter stating what has                            happened to the old paperwork. If you are not the current owner, then that person must provide                    the written letter.

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